A Few More Words

We have all been saddened by the devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky. I know I’m not alone in having received inquiries and expressions of concern from KSPS members in other states.    

In addition to the toll taken in loss of life, the impact on individuals and families and the loss of property, the literary and arts community is impacted. Both the Hindman Settlement School and Appalshop in Whitesburg experienced substantial damage. A measure of the significance of this natural disaster can be found in the School’s 120-year history: this is the first time it has been flooded.

As of this writing we do not know the full extent of damage, but we do know that archival loss cannot be replaced. Current information about the situation at these institutions and their specific needs can be found on their websites at hindman.org and appalshop.org.

Good news! With this issue of our newsletter, Matt Birkenhauer assumes the position of Editor. Matt, a fine poet and Member-at-Large of the KSPS Board, is a Senior Lecturer at Northern Kentucky University. He is past president of the Kentucky Association for Developmental Education and he brings his experience as editor of that organization’s newsletter to his new role.

Almost three years ago, when I set out to revive this KSPS newsletter, I had little relevant experience for the task. Matt stepped up to assist, but due to a variety of circumstances, including the pandemic, only a few issues came out. Although I will continue to contribute to the effort, I am confident that under Matt’s leadership the publication will thrive and our goal of producing three issues per year, with news about KSPS and its members, along with information about poetry programs and events, will be met. Please join me in welcoming Matt to this important position.

As always, best regards, stay safe and write poems. I hope to see you in October at the 2022 Conference!

–Mary Allen

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