NFSPS Update

KSPS is a part of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, and membership in KSPS brings the added benefit of membership in the national organization. This means that KSPS poets may participate as members in around 50 contests conducted by NFSPS that are held in the first quarter of each year. The Jesse Stuart Memorial Award, sponsored by our Kentucky society, is one of these contests. Results for the 2022 Stuart contest are posted below, along with a list of several KSPS members recognized in other contests.

In June of this year NFSPS held its annual convention in Columbus, Ohio. KSPS was represented by JoAn Howerton, who recently moved back to Lexington and rejoined our society. JoAn has been active with NFSPS in various capacities, and this year she was elected 3rd Vice President, the position that oversees the special awards program of the national organization. 

A complete report on the 2022 convention, including the Kentucky report submitted by KSPS Secretary Jennifer Barricklow, is available in the August issues of Strophes at

Contest Results

There were 123 entries for the Jesse Stuart Memorial Award 2022. Amy Irish of Lakewood CO, Lorrie Wolfe of Windsor CO, and Lea Killian of Mountain View AR took 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places, respectively. KSPS member Mike Wilson from Lexington received an Honorable Mention (HM).

KSPS members recognized in other NFSPS contests include: Mike Wilson – four HMs, Crystal Barker – one 2nd Place and two HMs, and Emory D Jones – one 2nd Place and one HM.

Congratulations to all on these wins.

–Mary Allen

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